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About us

Founded in 2019 with the initial name “GaraSeaFood”, it is a supplier and trader of various local and imported seafood for restaurant, hotel, and supermarket needs. Currently, our customers cover several prominent areas in Indonesia and have a good reputation in the eyes of customers, thanks to their ability to consistently provide various quality seafood needs supported by facilities and a team of experienced employees in their fields. As time progresses and customer interest in our products increases, GaraSeaFood also develops as a provider of marine product needs for foreign exporters. Apart from that, GaraSeaFood is also one of the live seafood importers in Indonesia under the company name PT Garasea Sejahtera Fishery (GSF).

We continue to try and invest in our product sources and improve marketing management to keep up with developments in the digital world so that we can always be the right and best choice for our customers. We also always provide excellent and intense after-sales service to our customers to ensure that our products meet their wishes to achieve customer satisfaction.

The company continues to work with partners, both domestic and foreign so that we can constantly update information regarding sales products to develop products with more creative and innovative choices.

Quality, competitive prices, stock availability, more flexible operating hours, fast delivery processes, and good after-sales service to customers have been our basic principles for many years, resulting in good relationships with our customers and partners. At home and abroad


We want to be the best seafood supplier, providing the best value and quality products to meet the demand for seafood consumption in local and international markets


We want to always ensure that all our customers receive orders according to their specifications and improve the standards of Safety and Quality, Variety, Service, Reliability, and Consistency combined with intense after-sales service which is the foundation of the GSF that has been built and continues to grow.

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